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Tina Shah

Tina Shah

Did you know that "desserts" is the reversed of "stressed". Many of us eat desserts when we are stressed but not many of you know this.
We, too, are stressed sometimes, we, too, love to eat desserts, and we realized that we are not alone.
We, TiRu, are two dessert lovers who wish to share the experience and joy of having the finest home-made desserts in town.

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A combination of Raspberry Jelly and Pineapple along with a Crispy Biscuit Crust.

Orange Mousse with a bit of White Chocolate topped with Oreo Biscuits.

Experience the taste of Original Paan with a Twist to entice your tastebuds.

Ginger and Pineapple compliment each other wonderfully in this creamy concoction.