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Mugdha Agnihotri

Mugdha Agnihotri

I'm a home chef specialising in gourmet food for intimate gatherings, house parties, kiddie parties and the like.... I specialise in Maharashtrian, Saraswat, North Indian, Chinese, Thai and Italian cuisine, and also desserts, pickles (veg and non-veg), dips and sauces, spice mixes and Indian sweets. I also take orders for packed mess-free meals, chocolates and goodie hampers for gifting during festive and special occasions. I deliver all over Mumbai and can be contacted on 9820502049 

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Cakes in jars available in a variety of flavours.

Fruit based - Strawberry/ Blueberry/ Choco orange / Black Forest (Regular)

               Apple cinnamon/ Banoffee (Premium)

Chocolate based - Choco mocha

                        Oreo Delight


                        Chocolate Mud

                        Death by chocolate

                        Salted caramel chocolate 

Indian flavours - Thandai





                       Mithai jar



Healthy oat cookies with the goodness of chocolate and almonds. Free from additives and preservatives.

Greetings from The Hungry Mommma! I'm a home chef  specialsing in Maharashtrian, Saraswat, North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian  and fusion food and also desserts, pickles (veg and non-veg),  chutneys, dips and sauces, spice mixes, Indian sweets and  namkeen, International desserts, cakes and bakes and the softest puranpolis.

Party orders undertaken. Mess free food options for kiddie parties and social gatherings can be customised to suit your budget and tastes. These are very convenient during travel too...

We also take orders for food hampers for gifting during festive and special occasions.