Guidelines for Bakers and Chefs


DialABaker is dedicated to providing a marketplace for independent Bakers and Chefs. The following guidelines will help you to promote yourself and market your products better.

  • Give as many details as possible on your page. We will provide a guideline or template for your page. You are the best judge on what should or should not go there. If you want to add or delete or change anything do inform us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Do remember you can always change or add to your page any time.

  • Be Honest. About your services as well as products. If you have never baked a French loaf before, tell the client upfront. Do not experiment at the client’s expense. Instead guide them to products and services you do provide.

  • Photographs. Unfortunately your client can only test your product through his eyes. So post the best and most drool worthy pictures you can click. If necessary take the help of professional photographers and stylists. Do not post someone else’s picture as your own. DialABaker has the right to remove such photographs when brought to our notice.

  • Update your listing periodically. Go through your page from time to time. Make sure it is updated regularly. You might have started a new line of breads or have clicked an awesome photo or tied up with a Delivery service. Put it up on your page as soon as possible.

  • FSSAI. All food providers should register themselves and avail a FSSAI number. Certification is a must if your annual income from this business crosses 12 lakhs.

  • Reviews and References. The potential customer sitting in another city cannot know how awesome your Chicken Biryani is. He is likely to be more influenced by the reviews given by your present and past customers. Do request all your customers to go on your page and post a review. Food is one product which sells more by word of mouth than by any other kind of marketing.

  • Bad reviews. Please know and remember that there WILL be few bad reviews even after all your efforts. Take them in your stride. Use them as constructive criticism. Apologise and move on. Do not answer back or badmouth a client.

  • DialABaker has the right to moderate if we find any offensive post either by a lister or a client.

  • Support from DialABaker. I and our team are always available to help and support you in your growth professionally and personally. This is your site. There will be Blogs, Ask the Chef and our own Facebook page. Write for the Blogs. Invite people to your posts on the site as well as Facebook. The more you are seen the more the traffic to your page. We will also be holding Meets and Events in various cities periodically. Take part in the Events and take stalls so you can advertise your products in your locality.