Guidelines for our Visitors / Client


Welcome to DialABaker. The website is dedicated to help you find an independent Baker or Chef who will make the most delicious food as per YOUR specifications and deliver it to the destination provided by you. We are sure you will find a Baker or Chef who will transform your dream into Foodie reality! To help you on your journey here are a few guidelines.

  • Be clear. It helps if you know precisely what you are looking for. That said, our Bakers and Chefs will give you still more ideas so be prepared to be a bit confused!!
  • How to make the most out of DialABaker. Since the site features Bakers as well as Chefs it is easy to put together a delicious menu of dishes and bakes made as per your theme. It is also possible to specify any Allergy causing foods or Dietary constraints and get mouthwatering alternatives. The site also features independent Bakers and Chefs from outside your locality and city. So it is easy for you to surprise your loved ones on their important occasions wherever they are!
  • Reviews. We invite you to write honest reviews of Bakers and Chefs you have placed orders with. Please make sure to write constructive reviews. This will encourage them to work harder. If you have any criticism please word it in polite language. We like you hate derogatory comments!
  • And References. Loyal customers are hard to come by. And word of mouth publicity is the best publicity! So do refer our Masters to your friends and family!
  • DialABaker on Facebook. Please do visit our Facebook page and enjoy the amazing photographs and other articles.
  • DialABaker on Instagram. And we are on Instagram too!
  • DialABaker has the right to moderate if we find any offensive post either by a lister or a client.