About Us


Cooking is Love made visible !

  • And that’s what DialABaker is all about, Chefs and Bakers working at home with all their love and passion for the craft.
  • DialABaker provides them a platform to show off their delicacies. And DialABaker gifts the world the opportunity to taste it.


  • DialABaker provides a Marketing platform to independent Bakers and Chefs to connect them to Buyers across the world.
  • DialABaker provides Consumers around the world a direct connect to expert Bakers and Chefs.


  • Ably led by Prita Dheer, an influencer in the industry, DialABaker aims to be the prime marketing platform for Home Bakers and Chefs. This is a great site to showcase their specialties and unique products to anyone looking to order from any part of the world.
  • Also in the pipeline are Bakers’ Meets, Bake sales and Events, Food styling and Food photography at the company’s cheerful Bakery studio!

How are we different

  • DialABaker is a website that houses all the contact details and product pictures of the Home Bakers and Chefs along with their featured products.
  • DialABaker is committed to the growth of its members. So along with regular Tutorial and Blog posts we have planned Bakers’ Meets and Bake sales.
  • Bakers’ Meets will be for the members to apprise them of our plans for them. Each Meet will have an equal dose of Fun and Learning!
  • Bake Sales on the other hand will be in Malls and other public places and open to the general public. We want the world to know about our Master Chefs and Bakers!

For the Food Connoisseur

  • We introduce you to Bakers and Chefs across India working professionally from home.
  • They work with love and passion and make mouthwatering delicacies as per your specifications. Be it baking as per your Dietary restrictions or cooking as per your taste, they make it as they would for their own family.
  • The site also makes it easy for you to surprise and be a part of your loved ones’ celebrations even if you are in another city or even another country!

The Team


Mrs. Prita Dheer, Vintage

Ably led by Prita Dheer, DialABaker aims to be the prime marketing place for independent Bakers and Chefs.
She is a Home Baker, Teacher, Entrepreneur with 30+ Years baking experience.
Helping her to do so is a team which is young in age but old in experience!